Home owners all over South Africa often need more space, whether it is for family members that are moving in, to have a home office or a play area for the children, the limitations on space can become a large problem.  A lot of home owners are not able to simply build on an additional living area or the space they require for a home office, some home owners have children who are constantly making a mess in the house while playing, which becomes a battle of wills at the end of each day, all of these problems can easily be solved with a Wendy house!


Whether you need a place for the in-laws to stay or an office at home or even a play area for the children the Wendy house is a suitable solution that will not cost as much as building and you can always convert your Wendy house into something else at a later stage!  It’s a versatile addition to any home, even a suitable storage area for those items that you just can’t part with.

They range in price according to their size, and the materials that they are constructed from, for the most affordable Wendy houses you would need to browse through the different types available and then consider your immediate needs as well as your long term investment.  Although most Wendy houses are suitable for anything you could possibly need, there are always a few pros and cons to take into consideration when you are looking at the type of Wendy you want to have installed.

Types of Wendy Houses

The most common type of Wendy house is the wooden Wendy house, then there are prefabricated and nutec Wendy’s and even play houses which are perfect for children!  Although most types of Wendy houses are versatile and suitable for everything from the flat for your in-laws to the storage area, there are some types that are more suitable for specific uses, like the plastic Wendy houses are most suitable for the children’s play area while a prefabricated Wendy is most suitable for your home office.

When you looking at buying or building one you need to think of your immediate use of the Wendy house, if you looking for a play area for the children, then plastic is a great option, but what would you do once your children have grown up and no longer want to play in it?  With a wooden Wendy house you can have the play area for the children, then later you can give it a new coat of varnish and throw down a new carpet and you have a room that you can rent out for additional income!

DIY Enthusiast?

Are you the DIY enthusiast?  Well then you can even build your own Wendy house!  Although a DIY Wendy is not an afternoon project, there are a variety of different designs and sizes available for the DIY Wendy.  A cheap option would be the DIY Wendy house, but there are more con’s than pro’s involved, so before you grab your tool box, take a look at the DIY page and consider all the con’s before you start the project.  Remember that a Wendy house installer is going to charge you more to complete a project you have started than if you had to get them to supply and install the Wendy house for you.

Looking to buy?

There are so many different designs, sizes, styles and accessories for the Wendy house that you can choose from.  Whether you have chosen the traditional wooden type or the modern prefabricated Wendy house, you can add windows, decks and doors to make it into a home or office that is aesthetically pleasing and useful.  They are versatile, cheap to maintain, cheap to buy and cheap to install, all you need to do is find the right supplier and installer in South Africa for your specific type of Wendy house.


When you ready to buy a Wendy house you will also be able to ask the professional installer for advice on the type of Wendy house you have chosen for your specific needs, they will be able to show you a range of designs and sizes to suite your needs.

Find Local Installers & Suppliers

Finding the right type of Wendy house for your specific needs can be a tricky situation that is where you need to talk to professional Wendy house builders and reputable suppliers, explain your needs to them and ask their advice on the type for your specific needs.  As the Wendy is growing in popularity there are a lot of new suppliers and installers available all over South Africa, a simple search on the find page will provide you with a list of professionals in your area.

While you are looking for qualified Wendy house installers and people who are able to supply you with the Wendy house that you need, you can also compare the prices of different service providers and find the Wendy house that suites your needs at an affordable price.